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We are supporting the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises. Our customers have just started operating companies and entrepreneurs as well as companies that have long history. Our customers' turnover ranges are from zero to around 15 million. Your goal is in our focus and we will help to achieve it. Avoidance, reliability, speed and customer orientation are our values. Our management know-how is a good foundation for a smooth partnership. We are looking for the best options and operations to your needs. We always work fast and efficiently.






We focus on the development of business and the growth according to customer needs.


Sjötrade STRATEGY help your company in all matters related to business development. We help in business plans, strategy selection and in the preparation of financial statements. Good knowledge of business law and taxation is in the center to make good decision and plans.


Sjötrade MARKETS


The world is big and so are the markets. Do you need more information about these.


Sjötrade MARKETS will help you to get knowledge about the global markets. You are certainly a better expert in your field, but you have not enough time to make inquiries. We will help you. Sjötrad has long experience in market research in various sectors.


Sjötrade TRADES


Have you thought about selling or buying the business?


Sjötrade TRADES is a reliable partner when you considering the company acquisition. Is it the most sensible to make business or stock trading? Do I buy, or company? How I should  take care about the taxation? What will happen next? What papers should be prepared? All of these questions are answered by Sjötrade KAUPPA. We do not actively look for buyers or sellers, but we are helping the parties who have already found each other to make good deal.


Sjötrade PROJECT


The new project or an idea is emerging, but the plan and the leader is missing.


Sjötrade PROJECT helps in project and process planning. We can also take responsibility for the project from end to end according to your needs. We also carry out financial and profitability calculations.


Sjötrade FUNDING


You have a great business idea but the funding is missing.


Sjötrade FUNDING helps you find the right funding for your business. A good, profitable and clear idea can always find the right funding. Sjötrade FUNDING focuses on supporting our clients to get public funding that we have long experience.